Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mondavio Vistas

Mondavio vistas built by [Unknown - please let me know!]

  • Price range: 1900s - 2500s
  • Construction type: SFH
  • Square footage: 4000s - 5000s

MLS Listings

It took a lot of digging around to confirm that this is a Lexington development as well, but the covenants available for download confirmed it on page 32.

This appears to be an upscale section of Mondavio - the prices and house sizes certainly are very upscale (one of the listings was hands down the most desirable thing on the MLS for a while, IMO). All of the lots appear to be on the valley side of the development.


Anonymous said...

Vistas Mondavio homes are not built by Lexington. There are approximately 45 sites either built or will be built by Lexington priced in the mid to upper $800k range. The Vistas are high end homes priced from $1.995 million and have spectacular views of the valley. Currently there are 3 homes inthe vistas sold, three on the market and 1 under construction with an additional 3 lots to build out. More information is available at

Ben said...

Thanks for commenting - if you could give me a link to the developer, I can update the site.