Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mondavio built by Lexington Fine Homes

  • Price range: 700s - 800s
  • Construction type: SFH
  • Square footage: 3000s - 4000s

MLS Listings

Mondavio is positioned in a very cool site in my opinion - just east of 202 and overlooking Willows Run golf course or thereabouts. Very close to downtown redmond but with a cool view too boot - sounds like a great spot.

Back when they started this one my wife and I drove around a bit. Not much to look at back then (just starting and maybe only a couple of houses finished) but I imagine that it has filled out quite well now.

From searching the MLS with a map, you can see that there are some much bigger and more expensive houses that appear to be in the same development. I found a web site for this (Vistas Mondavio) and I will do a separate post about it.

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